Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Please register via our Harbour Sport website.

When does registration open and close?

Registrations are now open and will be until 30th May. 

How much are the tickets?

Tickets cost $10 each. 

What do I get for my $10?

You will receive a donation of $4-5 back to your chosen school, chance to win heaps of spot prizes including bikes, sports equipment, technology and a participation certificate! 

Can my family and friends do this with me?

Yes! This is the perfect event where all your friends and family can get involved and join in on the 5km run/walk with you. 

Where do I run the 5km?

This can be completed either at school if organised by them or you can complete this run at a location near your home with family/friends. 

Is the Shore to Shore GO held on a specific day?

It is held between the 22nd and 30th of May – you can complete the 5km within this timeframe, completing the 5.0km during one session 

Is it a competition?

Up to you! You are more than welcome to time your runs against your school mates, friends and/or family and turn it into a race competition. 

Should I still dress up in a fun costume?

 Of course – and make sure to take your photos and post them as your evidence that you have completed the run in your costumes! ressing up.

How will you know if I have completed the run?

Fill out the online form and upload participation evidence. Either a photo of you completing your 5km course, a screen shot of the 5km course mapped out (google maps/fitbit etc) or you just tick the box stating that you have completed the event.  

Are there refunds on entry fees?

A cancellation request needs to be requested 5 days prior to the event. Cancellation by participants will incur a $5.00 cancellation fee and loss of your online service fee.

How will I receive my certificate and/or prizes if I win any?

You will have to complete an online form once you have finished the event where you can select to receive your certificate through school or pick up at Harbour Sport.  

Can I still participate in the 5km if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, however we recommend you receive medical advice from your Doctor prior to completing the run.

Official Charity 2021

The Hand Up Fund has been created by Harbour Sport as a result of an initial partnership set up with Rotary Browns Bay.

Hand Up is aimed at supporting elite junior athletes that will benefit the most from a small financial hand up and support them on their pathway to senior national honours.

Our vision is to expand the fund to support more and more athletes each year. Through even the smallest of donations, you are helping us reach this goal and support our local young sportspeople.

Donations can be made on Registration.